It’s not child’s play, but it’s not that hard either.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a simple endeavor by any means. There are various facets involved in operating a business. Some features include promoting on social media platforms, developing a website, and even expanding an email list. If you are handling everything by yourself, then these responsibilities can eat up a lot of your time. And even at 19, the clock is ticking if you want to make your first million by age 21.

It is essential to have a good understanding of the time commitment involved in becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 19. Being your own boss and working for yourself may be an extremely satisfying combination. However, in order to accomplish this goal, a certain amount of concentration is required.

At the age of 19, you could feel the want to go out, party, or just waste your time and money on pointless activities. After all, that is the stereotype for most teenagers. TV and movies have a great influence on the mindset, especially in the U.S. Entrepreneurs that are serious about making it big and accomplishing their goals have laser-like focus.

Utilize Social Media

For business owners, one of the most effective and cost-free types of advertising available today is social media. The many different platforms are free for the most part. You just need to know how to exploit them. Each one can be exploited differently. Build on what you already know. And already have. There are numerous different approaches you may take to use social media.

You might already have a little bit of a following, and you might want to inform that following about the business that you are going to establish. Perhaps you are interested in establishing a free account for your company on Pinterest or Instagram. 

In any event, utilizing social media is a tool that every business owner really must incorporate into their operations. Ignoring it or underestimating it can have catastrophic consequences on a new enterprise. Whether it’s founded by a 19-year-old or a forty-year-old. 

These social media websites give you the opportunity to communicate with millions of people who might become your clients at no additional cost to you. 

Familiarize yourself with your company’s clients and customers

The ability to read and respond to the needs of one’s clientele can determine the success or failure of a company. There is a high risk of encountering a variety of issues in the event that you are unaware of the identities of your prospective clients and customers. 

You can be targeting the wrong demographic with your marketing efforts, which is one of the major problems. Every entrepreneur needs to have a thorough comprehension of the demographics of their ideal customers. You may think you know what every other 19-year-old wants. Or needs. But how about older people? Of different backgrounds and ethnicity?

You will be able to market and display your product to customers who are interested in purchasing if you do this. 

Convenience is another important aspect of fully comprehending both your clients and your customers. If you are an entrepreneur who deals with customers and you do not already have a billing system that is foolproof, fix that immediately. 

If a business owner comes out as “tacky” or unprofessional, they will have a difficult time being successful in their venture. When you use FreshBooks, you won’t need to be concerned about issues like this one at all. 

FreshBooks can take care of all of your accounting and invoicing needs for you. They are an online invoicing and accounting software. That is specifically developed to assist businesses with a size range similar to your own, which is small to medium in scope. 

FreshBooks is incredibly user-friendly for first-time users. And the company even provides a free trial that you can immediately begin putting to use. 

Get Business Friends

As you start out on your path as an entrepreneur, it is going to be quite beneficial for you to surround yourself with people that have an interest in business. When you’re 19 years old, you probably have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for beginning your own business. You are aware that there is potential for loss. But you also know that any loss will result in even more favorable outcomes.

Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting endeavor. And to be successful at it, surround yourself with people who share your passion for wheeling and dealing. The expansion of a firm requires constant communication with others who have similar perspectives and goals.

There is a high probability that you will experience difficulties in the future. Being in a position where you can address those challenges with other people who share your professional interests. It will make your life a lot simpler. 

The Important Role of Consistency

When it comes to beginning a firm and embarking on the path of entrepreneurship at the age of 19, consistency is the name of the game. The path to success in entrepreneurship is a journey.

There will be good times and bad, but it is imperative that you stay going no matter what.

You don’t want to be the person who started a business but gave up on it too soon. Just as they were about to get their big break. That would be a terrible mistake. Take things one day at a time, make sure you’re always expanding your knowledge, and above all, keep going. It takes an extraordinary level of consistency to be successful as an entrepreneur. Which is a must if you truly want to go into business for yourself. 


Becoming an entrepreneur at 19 is entirely achievable. And important to our nation’s economy.

In point of fact, becoming an entrepreneur and beginning one’s own firm has never been simpler than it is right now because of the proliferation of the internet. And the many other doors unlocked for young people that were once closed and locked.