Losing one’s dentures can be very difficult and costly if the replacement dentures are not covered and you cannot find the lost ones. Unfortunately, there is a good chance this will happen to a denture-wearer at least once in their lifetime. Keep reading to learn about the four steps to take after losing your dentures. 

Figure Out Where They Were Lost

You should attempt to locate the missing dentures first. Depending on whether or not you can find them, you will decide whether or not your replacements will be covered. Dentures lost in a hospital or ambulance can typically be covered by the hospital, though you will have to work with them and your dentist to see if that is the case. 

On the other hand, if the dentures are lost randomly somewhere else and cannot be located, they may not be covered by insurance. Check with your provider to find out if replacement dentures are covered. 

Contact Your Dentist 

If you cannot find your lost dentures, you will need to contact your dentist to work on having a replacement pair created. It can be someone other than the dentist that did the first pair, but working with your original dentist will help save time. 

In dementia or Alzheimer’s cases, it can be more challenging for a dentist to replace dentures, as the wearer could forget how to wear them or not cooperate with the dentist. It is never easy as a caretaker to hear that replacement dentures can not be created for the wearer, but that may be the case if, after an assessment, it is deemed necessary. 

Getting a Replacement for Lost Dentures

Once you have spoken with your dentist, if it is possible to replace the dentures, you will need to have the appointments scheduled to complete the whole process of having the dentures created and fitted. 

The time until the new dentures are ready to be used will depend on the type the wearer is getting. If they are implanted dentures, then the recovery time will be longer. For regular dentures, you will have to readapt to wearing dentures, which is why it can be difficult for older people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

Marking Dentures to Prevent Further Losses

Once you finally have the new dentures, it is important to mark them, especially if the previous set was lost outside of a hospital setting. New dentures are permanently marked during manufacturing, so be sure to talk to your dentist about having that done if it was not done beforehand. 

People can lose their dentures for many different reasons. One of the top ways it happens is that your gums can begin to recede causing your dentures to become loose. Dentures also can go through everyday wear making them change shape and loosen. Dentures can also slip if they are not properly fitted to your mouth.

Remember, it is best to remove your dentures overnight as there are health risks associated with leaving your dentures in as you sleep. This is another situation where they can loosen and fall out of your mouth as you sleep. It’s best to consult with your dentist to ensure that your dentures fit properly. It is also wise to ask questions at your dental visit so that you are aware of what to do and what not to do.

If you have dentures that are currently not marked, they can be temporarily marked by following a simple process found here

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