About IdeaCrossing

IdeaCrossing® is a free online resource available to all individuals and organizations with an interest in supporting and promoting entrepreneurial activity. It helps entrepreneurs find the business assistance, mentoring and investment capital they need to launch promising new business ventures. Additionally, IdeaCrossing serves the Angel and Venture Capital community by identifying and screening new investment opportunities.

Creating connections that build businesses…

Finally, IdeaCrossing provides greater visibility to the many valuable assets located throughout any given region, including universities, economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, foundations and professional services providers – each having a vital role in nurturing and accelerating the growth of new companies and industries.

The power of IdeaCrossing lies in its ability to virtually connect and match members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem with a geotargeted approach. As more users join from a given region and encourage participation by others, the resources available expand exponentially to them. The potential for this community to have a transformational influence on a region’s economy is significant. And because IdeaCrossing is on the web and without fixed regional or state boundaries, when resources aren’t available locally, users can tap them from across the country.

Simply stated, IdeaCrossing is about creating the connections that build businesses. Register now to become part of this vibrant community.

IdeaCrossing Background

JumpStart logoIn June 2004, JumpStart Inc. (a nationally recognized non-profit transforming the economic impact of entrepreneurial ventures and the ecosystems supporting their growth) officially began accepting applications from entrepreneurs seeking early-stage investments, mentoring and assistance with transforming their high-potential ideas into high-growth businesses. During these early days of JumpStart’s existence, certain realities quickly became apparent.

The first thing learned was that the need for early-stage venture capital and business development assistance was and is far greater than the capacity of any one organization to serve. In fact, the volume of interest and inquiries would quickly overwhelm multiple organizations and present the risk of being non-responsive to entrepreneurs seeking assistance.

Great Communities from Great Companies

Another phenomenon experienced was the interest around social connectivity between the different entrepreneurs and groups such as angel investors, venture capitalists, business mentors and service providers that often must come together to build great companies. From sources of funding to professional service firms to universities, there was a significant interest within the region for people to connect and network around a community of common entrepreneurial interest. All they needed was a reason to connect and a group to provide context for connecting.

By the end of JumpStart’s first year of operation, it was clear that the region would benefit from a resource that could expedite connectivity between these diverse groups, while simultaneously elevating the level of activity and visibility of the participants: Entrepreneurs, Investors, Business Mentors, and Service Providers. From these and other relevant experiences, the idea of IdeaCrossing was born.