Nursing is a profession that has experienced tremendous stress in recent years. With the consequences of the pandemic, a lot of nurses are getting burnt out and overworked. The nursing profession has always been a tough one. It requires a lot of self-sacrifices and working long and tiresome hours. Nurses are no strangers to working hard. The steps to get registered as a nurse require tremendous effort and discipline. However, there is a paradigm shift occurring. More nurses are seeking ways to improve their quality of life while still getting to help people. This is what being a holistic nurse can do for you. Many nurses might be unaware that holistic nursing is a viable option. This article is meant to showcase the benefits of getting into holistic nursing and why many nurses are making the jump themselves. 

What’s Holistic Nursing All About? 

According to the American Holistic Nurses Association, these nurses specialize in nurturing wholeness. With holistic nursing, the whole person is taken into account rather than specific ailments or symptoms. A nurse looks at how everything is coming together when evaluating and planning treatment. It’s deemed a nursing specialty and it’s becoming increasingly sought-after not only by patients but by traditional establishments too.

Why Get Into Holistic Nursing? 

– You Get To Lead The Paradigm Shift

There is a paradigm shift occurring in the medical industry. An increasing number of medical professionals are recognizing how ineffective the current system is. There is a broad-based approach to treating symptoms rather than root causes. This is the exact thing that holistic care looks to change. When you get into holistic nursing, you will be addressing the root and underlying causes of symptoms. Because of this, your patients will truly get better. The traditional approach leads to patients feeling better for some time, but ending up worse off than they felt previously. If you want to be out at the forefront of these major changes, becoming a holistic nurse is your ticket. 

– It Can Help With Burnout

If you’ve been overworked the last few years, you aren’t alone. As mentioned previously, many nurses are overworked, tired, and burnt out. If this is you, it could cause you to look elsewhere. Perhaps you want to get out of the profession because it’s taking a toll on your health and mental wellness. If so, you don’t necessarily have to forfeit your passion for being a nurse. There are ways to avoid burnout as a nursing professional. When you start a holistic nursing practice, you get to be in complete control over your schedule. You get to choose who you take on as a client and when you work. This can help you garner much more control over your life.

– You Get To Keep Being a Nurse

You dedicated many hours to becoming a nurse. It’s easy to see you have a passion for helping others. When you transition to holistic nursing, not only do you get to keep being a nurse, but you get to be a much more effective nurse at that. After all, you have more say in the treatment of your clients and you get to truly help them heal. 

– The Market Is Opening Up

There are more and more opportunities opening up for nurses that specialize in holistic healing. When you become a board-certified holistic nurse, you will boost your credentials and put yourself more “in demand” in the marketplace. Becoming board certified is only going to help you with your career. Getting board certified now will open up much more possibilities for you and your career shortly.

Getting Started Is Easier Than Ever Before

Here at the Nurse Coach Collective, we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to make the switch. We are helping registered nurses, like yourself, make the transition to get into holistic nursing. We know first-hand not only what it takes, but the benefits it offers. We were just like you. Our program was designed by nurses for nurses. We were burnt out and overworked. We knew that we wanted to continue being nurses and helping people, but we wanted to do it more effectively while winning back some of our time. That’s why we started The Nurse Coach Collective and we began our Transformative Nurse Coaching Courses. We designed the courses to teach nurses everything they need to know to get board certified in holistic nursing. The program will take you step-by-step for 7-months until you get board-certified. If you’ve wanted to increase your knowledge, learn more about nursing, and win back your time, getting into holistic nursing might be for you. You can get started for free to learn about whether or not the program is right for you.