So you’ve decided it’s time to send out a direct mailer to your customers or clients. Whether it’s your first foray into direct mail, or it’s your latest campaign, you know direct mail is an excellent method for reaching your customers.

But before you dive into your direct mail campaign, it’s helpful to put as much time and effort into the planning aspects as you can so you can maximize your response rates. There are many considerations you’ll want to consider, and all can affect the success of your campaign.

Think about details such as: which customers you’ll target with this campaign (is it a select group, such as moms for an upcoming Mother’s Day sale? or should it go to your entire mailing list?), what format the direct mail piece should take (postcard? catalog? sample give-away?), what your goal is resulting from the mailer (attend an open house? shop an upcoming sale? stop by for a test drive?) and more.


What Is a Call-to-Action?

One of the most pivotal components of any marketing or advertising campaign is what’s known as the call-to-action (or CTA for short). This “directive” is exactly what it sounds like – verbiage calling your audience to take action. Once you’ve determined what your goal is for the campaign, this goes hand-in-hand with guiding your customers as to what you’d like them to do next.

A well-crafted call-to-action is a powerful, brief sentence that begins with a verb explaining what action customers should take along with any pertinent information that they’ll need, such as a phone number, website, address or expiration date.


How Can I Put CTAs to Work in My Direct Mail Service Campaigns?

When you send your direct mail piece to your customers, it’s helpful to be clear about your message and end with a simple, action-based statement that is reasonable and compelling enough for them to act upon. It’s also helpful if there is some urgency or time-sensitivity implied, as that can help prompt them to take action sooner rather than later so they don’t miss out on your offer or the opportunity. By doing so, you can put CTAs to work to maximize response rates for your direct mail campaign.

Here are some examples to consider as to how the right call-to-action can get you the results you’re after:

  • Stop in for your free sample today at 123 W. Main Street!
  • Shop now for your exclusive discount at [insert website address].
  • Call 123-456-7890 by July 4 to be entered into our drawing for your complimentary service valued up to $150.


Maximize Response Rates with Compelling Direct Mail CTAs

The right call to action can make a drastic difference in the results of your direct mail campaigns. It’s one thing to receive a beautiful, eye-catching mailer, but it’s another thing to feel so moved by it that you are ready to jump into action.

A compelling call to action should create a sense of urgency, clearly communicate the value proposition, and provide a low-friction path to action. Whether it’s making a purchase, scheduling an appointment, or requesting more information, the call-to-action needs to be specific, actionable, and tap into the motivations of your target audience.

Crafting a compelling call-to-action requires a deep understanding of your customers’ pain points, desires, and decision-making processes and a keen eye for persuasive copywriting. With the right approach, a well-designed call-to-action can be the catalyst that turns a passive reader into an engaged customer.

After putting careful thought into what action is most desired from your customers for your mailing, as well as knowing and understanding your audience, you’ll be able to tailor the call-to-action for your direct mail campaign like a pro – and are sure to maximize your response rates and see results to match!

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