Productivity directly impacts the income that those that are self-employed make annually. Certain professionals push themselves to new heights as financial motivation is enough. The truth is that everyone has a breaking point where burnout is a reality after a period of time. Even those passionate about the work they are doing will need a break from time to time. Working remotely allows you to travel while making an income so this can add spice to life. Sitting in the same office day after day can lead to burnout which can have lasting impacts. Below are tips to allow you to stay immensely productive while avoiding burnout which is so common. 

Become A Digital Nomad

Digital nomads have a freedom that so many other professionals dream of. The ability to travel while making an income allows some to save far more money due to moving to a location with a low cost of living. You can live like royalty at a fraction of the price in locations like Thailand or Portugal. The shift to traveling while working can give you that lifestyle that you have always wanted. Do not eliminate this as a possibility as you might find that you can fulfill your travel and professional dreams simultaneously. 

Take Breaks Throughout The Day

Taking breaks throughout the day can actually make you more productive. Grinding out hours at a time might have the opposite effect and lead to burnout by a certain hour. Taking a pet for a walk is a perfect example of a break that keeps you active. Investing in a hot tub can be a great idea as you can jump in for a break. Relaxing your muscles can also be so important when you spend countless hours working at your desk. Cold tubs are also quite popular as jumping into one of these can get your blood flowing early in the day. There are people that also use cold tubs for recovery of the muscles as this is frequently done by elite athletes. Try everything that you can as you might find that something simple makes a huge difference.

Unplug At A Certain Hour No Matter What

Smartphones have seemingly made it impossible to unplug for some entrepreneurs. A certain hour should come when you unplug from work accounts. You can disable email notifications for your business accounts daily. You do not want to have emails ruin the night for yourself. Most client and customer emails can wait until the next morning. If a client has a real emergency, they will call you instead of waiting for an email to be answered. 

You Don’t Have To Work Every Single Day

Taking days off is going to be so important when it comes to avoiding professional burnout. Planning these days can be so important as taking a day off when all clients will be can be convenient. There also might be days when all you have to do is clear your email. Do this early then go out to do something you enjoy or stay home to relax if you feel like this is what you need. Think of your brain as a muscle that you need to rest on a regular basis. You would not exercise the same muscle group every single day of the wweek as you might feel like you could injure yourself. Burnout is not a brain injury but a lack of concern about your mental recovery daily.

Staying productive can help you continually make more money year after year. You don’t want to dread working days due to feeling trapped by your profession. Find balance in your life even though your business might be one of your top priorities.