Miami Beach, Florida(Hexa PR Wire–July 30, 2023)–The latest episode of the Mastery Podcast, titled “Shining Through Adversity: Cali Fae’s Inspirational Journeys”, presents a thorough exploration of Cali Fae’s personal and professional journey. Detailing her transformative experiences from the testing environment of Detroit to her diverse pursuits in humanitarian work, publishing, film production, solar energy, and app development, the conversation offers listeners an insightful perspective on determination and resilience. Central to the discussion is Fae’s autobiography, “Cali Girl: How Did You Make it in the Treacherous Streets of Detroit?”, which encapsulates her nine-year journey of growth and discovery.

About Guest: Cali Fae (Tianna Jones)

Cali Fae, known as Tianna Jones.
Cali Fae, known as Tianna Jones.

Cali Fae, known as Tianna Jones professionally, operates in multiple professional spheres. As the owner of Caligirlbooks LLC, Fae has utilized her creative impulses across industries. Her autobiography forms the narrative cornerstone of the episode, where she outlines her journey of transformation from her early years in Detroit to her diverse career engagements. This book serves as a testament to her experiences and the insights she gleaned over a period of intense reflection and personal growth.

About Host: Dr. Sas

Hosting the episode is Dr. Sas, a person well-versed in guiding individuals toward personal and professional clarity. Her experience spans various roles, including service in the U.S. Air Force, leadership positions in several companies, and the launch of six businesses. As the founder and CEO of Awakened Goddess LLC, she focuses on guiding professionals and entrepreneurs to clarity and balance in all aspects of their lives. Beyond her coaching role, Dr. Sas is noted for her work as an author and her dedication to promoting a balanced lifestyle, healing, and self-mastery.

About The Program: Mastery Podcast with Dr. Sas

The Mastery Podcast with Dr. Sas is a weekly series providing valuable resources for its listeners. The aim of the podcast is to motivate and inspire leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs by featuring expert guest speakers from various fields in each episode. The discussions are geared toward empowering listeners with insights and strategies that enable them to effectively navigate their personal and professional journeys.

The Mastery Podcast promotes a supportive community that emphasizes love, kindness, empathy, compassion, and gentleness. The focus is to inspire listeners to embrace authenticity, overcome past challenges, and confidently live their true purpose. With its diverse topics and expert guests, the Mastery Podcast offers a unique platform for personal and professional growth, fostering a culture of understanding, warmth, and mutual respect.

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