New York, New York (Hexa PR Wire–June 18, 2023)-Nicole Wolosoff marks the beginning of a new venture with the initiation of W. Park Title Agency, LLC in New York.

Nicole Wolosoff, founder of W. Park Title Agency, LLC.
Nicole Wolosoff, founder of W. Park Title Agency, LLC.

Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

Following her tenure as President of the NY and National Commercial Operations for a prominent national title agency, Wolosoff is charting a new course as an entrepreneur. A number of her previous team members are accompanying her in this venture, facilitating a smooth handover for the existing client base. W. Park Title officially started operations in mid-June.

Focus on Problem-Solving

Central to Wolosoff’s business philosophy is the prioritization of client needs and a commitment to effective problem-solving. This client-centered approach remains a driving force for her and her team, with a clear objective to continually enhance service standards.

W. Park Title Agency, LLC: Overview of Services

W. Park Title Agency, LLC provides title insurance services for both residential and commercial properties throughout New York. Under Wolosoff’s stewardship, the team is dedicated to crafting solutions specific to each client, aligning with their individual needs and circumstances. This service provision, both for existing and prospective clients, is designed with a strong emphasis on efficiency and creative problem solving. .

Future Prospects

With the formal establishment of W. Park Title Agency, LLC, Wolosoff and her team look forward to contributing to the title insurance sector in New York. They aim to foster long-lasting relationships with their clients, always striving to offer excellent service and client satisfaction.

About the Founder

Nicole Wolosoff, the founder of W. Park Title Agency, LLC, has a professional background as a lawyer with considerable involvement in the title insurance industry. Wolosoff’s new venture is a testament to her commitment to the industry and her intent to build a company that places a high value on client relationships and quality of service.

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