If losing weight is hanging over your head, setting realistic weight loss goals can help motivate you to make this positive change. The keyword in that sentence is realistic. Let’s talk about what that looks like and what you need to set yourself up for success.

What is a Realistic Weight Loss Goal?

When setting a realistic weight loss goal, you need to ensure it is specific and attainable. Determine the amount you want to lose and a time frame for losing it. Note that the average person may lose .5 to 2 lbs per week, so saying you’d like to lose 30lbs in a month is not going to be a realistic goal.


Be specific in how you plan to achieve your goal as it pertains to your nutrition, fitness, and emotional well-being.


Finally, consider setting smaller goals — especially if you have a lot to lose. Sometimes these smaller goals can be helpful as crushing them will give you the motivation to keep moving forward in your progress. For instance, if you are standing at the bottom of a large mountain, the idea of climbing to the top may seem daunting and unachievable. However, if you focus on the steps you need to take in front of you, before your know it, you’ll be at the top of the mountain.

Tips for Setting Your Weight Loss Goal

Once you know what a weight loss goal should look like, you cannot simply set it and forget about it. Your goal is going to require extra support, strategies, and plans in order to achieve them. Below are 5 tips to help you set those weight loss goals that will stick — and leave you feeling accomplished.

1. Make Sure You Are Ready

Your mind and body work together. If you want to lose weight but your mind just isn’t in it, you may struggle with focus and motivation which will disrupt your progress.


Make sure you are ready for the challenge. One way to get “ready” is to remind yourself that you may never feel 100% ready and that’s normal. Taking the first step is what’s most important. See your future self as the person you want to be. How does it feel to lose weight? What will your body look like? How will life be different? Once you are ready to put in the work for this transformation, you will be able to better set realistic goals.


2. Invest in a Nutrition Coach

Who doesn’t love to have someone in their corner cheering them on? After all, shedding weight is tough. Investing in a nutrition coach means you will have someone on the sidelines guiding  you, but they do so much more, too.


A nutrition coach will help you set personalized goals and will give you the support, skills, and tools you need to achieve them. They dig into your habits and behaviors that may hinder your progress — as well as those that will empower you to push on.

3. Eat Well Without Restrictions

A certain amount of restriction is necessary to lose weight. But when you are truly trying to change your habits, too much restriction could lead to the demise of any weight loss program.


With the right guidance, you can learn to add goodness and wholeness to the foods that you consume. Over time, these foods will begin to nourish your body and leave you feeling healthy and well — while still being able to eat your favorite foods. Flexible dieting is our approach, which means no foods are off limits.

4. Create a Well-Rounded Fitness Plan

For health and longevity, your body needs to move. In order to set a realistic goal, you need to have a well-rounded fitness plan. This typically includes a mixture of cardio and strength training. Strength training is the most important component for health, longevity, and fat loss.


If you are interested in learning how to push your body to its limits, you may want to put greater emphasis on fitness when creating your goals. Working with a sports performance nutrition coach will give you the insight you need to create and achieve your goals.

5. Make Time for Reflection

As always, realistic weight loss goals will require time for reflection. Monitor your progress toward your goal to see if you are or aren’t on track. Also, make sure that your vision still aligns with your goal.


If needed, make adjustments.


Beyond The Box Nutrition goes beyond dieting with certified nutrition coaches who personalize programs to help clients develop healthy lifestyles and maintain long-term weight loss.