In the grand scheme of home improvements, some additions and renovations add more value to your property than others. Whether you’re preparing your home for sale or making improvements for your own enjoyment can make a difference in what projects are more valuable. Some home improvements have a higher return on investment, meaning you get out of it close to what you put into it in terms of resale value. 

What about fence installation? Will adding a fence increase your property value? Here’s what the real estate market reflects when it comes to fences. 

Adding a Fence is an Easy, Affordable Way to Increase Property Value 

According to real estate experts, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add value to your property is to put up a fence. You stand to get back as much as 70% of your investment when you sell your property. An attractive privacy fence will be a selling point to buyers with dogs, small children, or anyone looking for a private back yard. 

Fence installation is easy because it is an outdoor project that won’t make your life inconvenient the way a kitchen or bathroom renovation can. It only causes minimal damage to your existing grass that can be easily replanted in any of the areas where major digging was required. 

Fence Type is a Key Factor

Not all fence types provide the same return on investment. Here’s a breakdown of the types of fences and their expected value:

  • Chain link: 50%. A chain link fence will likely add the least value to your home of all fence types. Chain link is useful for the safety of pets and children, but it does not offer any privacy. 
  • Wood: 50%. Wood may offer more privacy than a chain link fence, but it still doesn’t add much more value to your home. Wood is unfortunately susceptible to the effects of moisture, even when treated and/or stained. It will warp and rot over time, reducing the overall value. 
  • Vinyl: 65%. One of the most popular fence materials is vinyl because it is attractive and low maintenance. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors that never have to be painted or stained. Vinyl fence installation provides excellent return on investment. 
  • Metal: 70%. The fence types that offer the most value are metal. Aluminum, iron, and steel are all types of metal fences that provide a high-end look to your property. Metal fences also last a long time, which is why they get the best return on investment.  

Additional Benefits of Fences

Installing a fence doesn’t have to be about increasing your property value. There are many benefits that a fence offers, including: 

  • Privacy. If you live on a busy street or in a neighborhood with other houses nearby, you can benefit from the privacy a fence offers. 
  • Safety. Pets and children can be kept safely away from the street (and strangers) when there is a fence around the yard. If you have a pool, a fence can keep children out and satisfy local safety requirements. 
  • Security. A fence around your property can provide an extra level of security, especially if you have a large property with an entry gate. Your backyard grill, furniture, and other property can be kept secure within the fence. 
  • Clear Boundaries. Building a fence around your home can help create clear boundaries that will keep people off your property. It also keeps your lawn well maintained, and discourages neighbors from invading your space in your yard and around your home.

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